Melody Winter

My friendship with Katelyn goes back many years, as does my writing relationship. So when I decided to self-publish my first book, Iniquity, Katelyn was the first editor I approached with my words. 

Her initial feedback was so encouraging and empowering that when we spoke through the MS and the areas Katelyn felt needed more work, I was ready and willing to take on board her suggestions. Katelyn really does nurture you as she works with you, encouraging you to push forward and make your MS stronger. She never forced her ideas on me, but her suggestions were key to the changes I made.

The finished book has received many 5 star reviews, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to any author. I will certainly be returning with the follow up to Iniquity, and can’t wait to work with her again.

K.E. Rice

"Katelyn was a true pleasure to work with. Before starting on my manuscript, she scheduled a call to discuss my MS and go over my goals forthe MS in general. She even squeezed me into her edit schedule last minute to accommodate an upcoming deadline. Her analysis was detailed and constructive, and her suggestions helped me turn ideas on page into a novel."

Joe Slonaker

"Not too long ago, after suffering numerous rejections, I decided it was time to find someone to help me with my book. That’s when I stumbled across Katelyn Stark of Stark Contrast Editing. Initially, I was scared about putting my ‘baby’ in the hands of someone I didn’t know. Needless to say, it only took one phone call with her to quench my fears. I realized I would look no further for an editor. Throughout the entire editing process, Katelyn was careful with my ultra-sensitive writer’s ego when suggesting changes; not necessarily telling me what to change, but teaching me why something didn’t work and planting seeds in my imagination to dream up changes that would work. Above all else, Katelyn offers something every first-time author, or even previously published authors, needs: she believed in me and my ‘baby’. Her passion for my book, as well as her belief in me, cannot be expressed with any words I can think of. As long as Katelyn is editing, I will not be going anywhere else." 

K.V. Scruggs

"When I started working with Katelyn, I had written what I thought was a good book. However, I quickly realized how much better I could make it with the help of a good editor. Together, we have turned my novel into something I am extremely proud of. Katelyn’s process is thorough and effective. She ensures that you as a writer answer for every word, every phrase, and every scene until you have the kind of tight prose that agents and publishers are looking for. It is obvious that Katelyn loves books and storytelling, and this passion gives her work as an editor a special quality. In addition, she has always been willing to answer my questions about the publishing industry and pass along the valuable knowledge gained from her experience working in a New York literary agency."

Emily Herring Dunn

"I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to work with Katelyn on my manuscript, MISSING. She was very attentive to every detail and consistently kept me in the loop with her work process, as well as took extra time to work with me on mine. She was available through texts, calls and emails when I needed to run ideas by her, and she always talked openly with me if there was something that I maybe wasn’t completely willing to change. When someone edits your book, it’s very personal. There are bound to be times when you want to dig your heels in and not give in to suggestions, but I never felt I had that problem with Katelyn. She was very sensitive to what I might see as harsh judgement, even when she was making suggestions in the kindest of ways. More than anything, Katelyn was able to take my writing to a new level even I could not have hoped to see achieved. I look forward to working with Katelyn again in the future. She has helped me gain confidence in my writing and also in the saying that everyone needs an editor."

Caroline Friday

"Katelyn is a wonderful editor with a loving, supportive nature—something every writer needs. She believed in my book when others didn’t and encouraged me to remain true to my voice and the direction of my story. In areas where the narrative was weak, she spent an enormous amount of time thinking and analyzing the development of character and plot and helped raise the quality of the final product to the next level. Without her assistance, my book would not be ready to market or send to a commercial publisher. I have her to thank for the success of this project and for me improving immensely as a novelist. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Kelly Kervin

"I have personally known Katelyn Stark for several years and have used her to edit and re-work stories multiple times. What continued my return to Katelyn story after story has always been her hard working attitude, motivation, and push for perfection. Her responsibilities included editing for grammar and sentence structure and ensuring the story and characters stayed in true to plot and character from start to finish. Katelyn has not only excelled in every project I’ve asked her to work on, she also has a special way of nurturing the person she is working with. I became a better writer under her guidance. Katelyn has always been very honest, organized, and efficient. She has amazing communication skills and can effectively communicate her thoughts and feelings to those she is working with. In summary, Katelyn Stark would be an amazing asset in whatever capacity she was hired."

Angela VanBuren

"Katelyn has always been an amazing editor and an even more amazing person. She is very proficient in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. She worked very quickly and was able to turn around a chapter of 6,000 words in a single afternoon most times, even while attending college. She’s always given constructive criticism and at times would express ideas about the storyline or plot development that I had been thinking but was unsure. She’s able to love your characters as a reader, but also edit the story with a critic’s eye. I highly recommend Katelyn for any position that will involve editing or writing. She takes great pride in her writing, conducts herself professionally and is easy to work with." 

Emma Musson

"Katelyn edited many of my stories, including one that was over 290,000 words, as well as shorter ones and ‘one-shots’ that were entered in competitions. Her ability to return chapters quickly, sometimes ones of over 8,000 words, was an asset that I greatly appreciated. Each returned chapter was carefully checked for grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. Feedback was provided throughout the chapter with suggestions regarding plot flow and story development given for my consideration. One of the outstanding qualities that Katelyn exhibited was her ability to ‘talk my language’. I am from England, and she never once tried to ‘Americanise’ my writing, keeping it true to the way we speak and write. Her adaptability to my style of writing was one of the things that I valued most about Katelyn; even though she edited my work, she never tried to alter my voice. Katelyn’s editing of my work was undertaken while we were on different sides of the Atlantic, but even with the time difference, she was regularly available for me to talk to if I had any concerns about plot or character development. Our working relationship lasted for over three years. Throughout this time, Katelyn always conducted herself with a high level of professionalism, taking time to understand me as a person and a writer, as well as my myriad of characters as they came to life on paper."